Welcome to my blog about powershell and interesting things that work together with powershell.


I’ve been working with powershell in my profession since roughly around the launch of powershell together with Microsoft Exchange. In the beginning it was in conjuction with Veritas Enterprise Vault (then called Symantec Enterprise Vault) as a consultant at Symantec.

But as powershell have grown to an amazing set of capabilities, it has become one of my favourite tools.

Currently I’m working for a company called “Real Time Services” in Sweden. One of the main focus areas is powershell together with a product called Front Office from Biomni. I’ve also done a lot of work with powershell in more “generic” fashion. For example the first post in this blog with Excel and EPPlus..

Again, welcome and I hope you’ll find the blog posts interesting.

Fredrik Kacsmarck
Real Time Services